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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a musician/in a band, how do we contact you to come onto the show and promote our music?

You can use the Bookings page by clicking HERE, and choose if you want to be Live in the Studio or Live via Skype or Teams.

If you cannot do a Tuesday Evening, please use the Contact page.

I'm an organiser of an event, and wondered if you can do a Live Special?

Of course, Don't Stop the Music Radio Show, can be at your event, and  interview the organisers and performers, getting audience reactions and record the acts performing.

To organise this, please use the form on the Contact page.

I can't make it to the studio, is there another way to be live on air?

Yes, we use Skype and Teams, so if you cannot make it to the studio, we can still do an interview and play your music live on air.

Just send me your Skype/Teams email address. 

You can also use the Bookings page, and choose from the Live via Skype or Live via Teams option.

I'm not available when you are live on air, can we still do an interview?

Yes of course we can, just use the form on the Contact page and we will arrange an alternative date and pre-record a show either in person, via Skype or via Teams.

Can I send you a copy of our CD to play on your show?

Yes, please clearly mark it:

FAO Peggy-Sue 

Please send it to:

Don't Stop The Music Radio Show

c/o SWINDON 105.5

Liden Centre

Barrington Close



I don't have a CD of my music, can I send you some tracks by electronically?

Of course, please send them via We Transfer, Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive, to:

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